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Starter Sets


We offer a great introductory set of Bulgarian wine in both red and white!

For those who can drink for the first time,

This lineup is also recommended for those who are regular drinkers.

​ Please take this opportunity to try it! !

¥10,780→¥8,624 20%OFF

I was interested in Bulgarian wine, but I couldn't get my hands on it...

I have a favorite, but I want to try other wineries and varieties...

This is a set of Bulgarian red wine that I would like to recommend to such people.

In Bulgaria, it is drunk on a daily basis, and it is a popular lineup in Japan.

Please enjoy 4 different flavors including Bulgarian indigenous varieties!

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¥9,130→¥7,304 20%OFF

Popular among Bulgarian wines "Terra Tangla TT White",

"Via Istram Tamiyanka" (indigenous variety),

fruity and pleasant to drink "Lenea Dimiyat" (indigenous variety),

fresh and full of minerality, A lineup of "Trevite Valachanski Mischetto",

an indigenous grape variety.

You will surely find your favorite Bulgarian wine!

​You can buy it at a great price, so please try it.

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